VA Erzberg GmbH, Austria - large scale crushing plant 3

Automation of large scale crushing plant 3


Both the large scale crushers (200 kW) that are essentially identical in construction were commissioned at the start of the 1960s and have been crushing extracted ore to a particle size smaller than about 120 mm since then.

For further preparation, the ore is transported via drainageways and conveyor belts to wet screening and heavy media separation.

HGVs take over the transport to the crushing plants in triple shift operation with a payload up to 120 t, this means the loads can be deposited directly onto the crusher.

The crushed material is transported to the respective plant sections via conveyor belts with 1000 t/h conveyor output in the case of large scale crusher 2 and with 400 t/h with large scale crusher 3.

The existing crusher with an output of 200 kW/3 kV was converted to 200 kW/0.5kV.

In addition, the entire hydraulics system was updated electrically and in terms of control technology.



New order: Large scale crushing plant

We have received a new order for planing of a large scale crushing plant. (500 kW)


Largest Central European open-cast mine

We recently also implemented and commissioned the fourth section, the automation of large scale crushing plant 3. In doing so,  ...


New office, engineering and production office acquired

Visit us at Liebochstraße 7a in 8143 Dobl, where we have based our planning and production. We will happy to give you an insight into our work.